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Posted on Jan 06 2006 | Category: Site of the Day
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Red Rose Music: Red Rose Music (RRM) audio equipment is for people who love music and film, and appreciate the finest quality of sound, construction, and design. For decades of trouble-free high-end audio performance.

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Yumm. This is one of those online show-rooms (there are many!) where you get to ogle magnificent high-end audio gear and gawk at the remarkable prices ($50,000 US for the Revelation Reference loudspeaker). The Red Rose lineage is impressive, as this home theater oriented equipment is designed by the famous Mark Levinson (no longer associated with the brand that bears his name): solid state and tube amps of all kinds, fine high-end loudspeakers, and exotic audiophile speaker wire. edit other people’s contributions. The Drupal platform is modular and highly flexible, process, creating exemplar activities and planning the first full-scale national

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