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Posted on Jan 11 2006 | Category: Site of the Day
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Tony Levin’s Website: One of the world’s most respected bassists, Tony Levin updates his personal site almost daily, with tour diaries, music notes, photos and anecdotes from the road. Discography, online store, guest book.

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Considering how busy he is as one of the most prominent touring musicians of the day (his own Tony Levin Band, plus major artists he gigs with like Peter Gabriel), it’s amazing that Tony Levin maintains such an active and personal site. He blogs nearly every day, with interesting thoughts from his musical travels. I enjoy the wealth of photos, including a new shot of Tony in action every time you load the page, and his own photos from the stage during shows. Lots of other standard artist site features, all nicely done (discography, touring calendar, online shop).

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