Minus K Technology Vibration Isolation Platforms, Audio Site of the Day

Posted on Jan 13 2006 | Category: Site of the Day
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Minus K Technology: Highest performance vibration isolation systems for high-end audio and audiophile system installations. The same technology used for critical scientific applications now affordable for audio users.

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I guess if you’re going to spend $5,000 or more for a turntable, or $30,000 for a tube amp, another $2,000 or so to improve its performance a tad with a high-tech vibration isolation surface isn’t too out of line. If you’re in that rarified spending class, this is a great place to start if you’re looking for top performance at a fair price. Since these guys do products mostly for scientific measurement and instrumentation applications, you may need to hunt around for the audio goodies. Try the page on Audio Applications, and this product page for the BM-6, which seems to be the most audio-worthy anti-vibration platform.

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