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Big Picture Big Sound, Audio Site of the Day

Posted on Jan 03 2006 | Tagged as: Site of the Day

Big Picture Big Sound: The latest movie reviews and electronics equipment information to help enthusiasts find the best films and components for home theater. News, editorials and extensive show reports on the latest gear.

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I really love information sites operated by the “little guy” – as opposed to a big publishing house – especially when the little-guy site out-performs the competition. Big Picture Big Sound is a great example. In this case, the little guy is Chris Boylan, who seems to cover a lot of home theater audio and surround sound territory on an almost daily basis at this blog-style e-zine. Two other writers cover the movies side of the site’s beat – but we’re audio people here, so that’s not so interesting, right? Chris writes thorough reviews of all kinds of home theater gear, news tidbits about new equipment in stores, and how-to’s covering aspects of home theatre installation. In his spare time, he files extensive reports from consumer electronics industry shows, like CEDIA and CES. Put Big Picture Big Sound on your daily browse list, if you’re into home theater.

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High-End Custom-Built Amplifiers for Audiophiles – New Sites

Posted on Jan 02 2006 | Tagged as: New Sites

New Audio Site Listings:
Hi-Fi Gear – Amplifiers | Hi-Fi Gear – Manufacturers

ENR Show: Custom audio preamps and power amps, fabricated to meet your specific system requirements. You choose the inputs, outputs, gain stages and options. Pure Class-A, phase-optimized designs.

AudioFreak Amplifiers: Handbuilt audiophile amps, offering normally unaffordable high fidelity without the typical high cost of such equipment. Mandibass amp replicates amazing subsonic bass.

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