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Biggest Directory of Audio Sites on the Web Gets a Makeover

Posted on Apr 24 2006 | Tagged as: Site News

Regular visitors will have noticed dramatic changes in this site, Go2Audio.com, the biggest editorial directory of audio and audio-related music sites on the web. Now that we are approaching 20,000 sites linked, described and searchable – across nearly 300 topic categories – it’s obvious that I need to put some effort into highlighting the most useful information.

Thus… this front end to the directory. It’s a blog, and I’ll be posting to it regularly to draw your attention to the most interesting new sites. I’ll also designate an audio Site of the Day from time to time. And post audio news bits that are useful in the context of the content of this directory.

For now you will find that the directory pages look the same as before. Which means they don’t look at all like the blog design. I’ll be changing that over soon, as time permits.


Telesis Used Gear, New Site Pro Audio Used Gear

Posted on Apr 22 2006 | Tagged as: New Sites

Telesis Used Gear: High quality, inexpensive used professional music and audio equipment since 1993. Stock includes everything from amps and audio processors, to keyboards and sound modules.

Check out the current gear list online, it includes plenty of moderately priced outboard gear, mics and MIDI modules.

More Used Audio Equipment Sites

Professional Spanish Voiceover Services

Posted on Apr 22 2006 | Tagged as: New Sites

New in the Voiceover Artists category: Professional Spanish Voiceover Services from Simone Creative, featuring Universal / Neutral / Argentinian spanish accents. Nice rich-media site!

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