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eClassical, Audio Site of the Day

Posted on May 04 2006 | Tagged as: New Sites, Site of the Day

eClassical: World’s largest classical MP3 music store. Crystal clear audio quality, easy to use, any MP3 player, burn CD’s, no restrictions. Catalog of music from top international classical labels. Low prices.

eClassical is something of a dark horse in the paid music download marketplace. Unlike many (all?) of the “tier 2” sites, eClassical does not copy the Apple iTunes model – iTunes being the one and only “tier 1” paid digital music service. eClassical carves out its own modest niche by offering high quality MP3 files of outstanding repertoire from small independent classical labels, mostly Scandinavian and European sources. It offers quirky music selection typical of a genuine indie service, and it offers low prices. The weekly special packages are particularly good value at $5.99 for up to 3 hours of fine music (I’m listening to this week’s Debussy piano works package, drawn from the audiophile BIS label, as I write this). Highly recommended.

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Zone Music, Audio Site of the Day

Posted on May 01 2006 | Tagged as: New Sites, Site of the Day

Zone Music and Recording: New and vintage guitars, basses, amps, keyboards, software, drums, sound systems and a 24-track recording studio. 45 minutes north of San Francisco in Cotati, CA. Fun environment, friendly staff.

I’ve never shopped here, of course, but if I were a Bay-area musician I’d sure want to check them out! The web site gets the point across clearly that these guys enjoy doing what they do. And they’ve got a recording studio on site. Where better to get good advice shopping for band equipment?

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