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Professional Spanish Voiceover Services

Posted on Apr 22 2006 | Category: New Sites
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New in the Voiceover Artists category: Professional Spanish Voiceover Services from Simone Creative, featuring Universal / Neutral / Argentinian spanish accents. Nice rich-media site!

Sonos Wireless Multi-Room Music System – New Sites

Posted on Jan 28 2006 | Category: New Sites
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New Audio Site Listings:
Whole-House Audio | Home Theater

Absolute Sonos: Whole-house audio. The Sonos wireless multi-room music system sends all of your music throughout hour home. Affordable networks of dedicated multimedia controllers, zone players and speakers.

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120 Years of Electronic Music Instruments, Site of the Day

Posted on Jan 21 2006 | Category: New Sites
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120 Years of Electronic Music: History, timeline and encyclopedia of electronic musical instruments from 1870 through to the 1980s. From the Telharmonium to Moog and Kurzweil. Photos, descriptions, and anecdotes.

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Music Reference – Electronic Music | Music Gear – Keyboards | Music Gear – Electronics

I have been an enthusiast and hobbyist of electronic music making for more than 30 years. I have owned a number of vintage instruments and I have more than a dozen reference books tracing the history of electronic music from the earliest days. So I am astonished (and delighted) to find details, photos and stories here about instruments and inventors I have literally never heard of before. Like Hugo Gernsbak’s Staccatone (1923) and Pianorad (1926). Along with all of the big names, or course: Moog, Mellotron, Buchla, Oberheim, Waldorf and so many more. There are a few missing (such as my own first synth, the Electrocomp EML101 from the early 70’s), but more than enough to keep any keyboard and synth geek browsing for hours.

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