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Vintage and Rare Guitars, Audio Site of the Day

Posted on Jan 09 2006 | Category: New Sites
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Vintage and Rare Guitars: Europe’s best shop for all things to do with classic American vintage guitars, basses and amplifiers… and the oldest old guitar shop in London England. Vintage guitar news and catalogue listings.

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A wonderful place for guitar collectors and enthusiasts of guitar manufacturing history to view and learn more about rare and exotic guitars of all kinds from days gone by. Very strong on Gibson and Fender classics (“1939 Gibson Super 400 Blonde”), but plenty of tasty items by Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Guild, Epiphone too. Every listing has a photo and nice informative capsule comments. – New Sites

Posted on Jan 05 2006 | Category: New Sites
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New Audio Site Listings:
Home Theater | Audio Technology Information promoting multi-channel audio for the listener, sound engineer, and musician. Surround sound production methods, equipment for surround audio playback and home theater.

Custom Home Theaters Review: Confused about home theaters? How to avoid the 10 biggest home theater shopping mistakes. Simplify the research, decision making, shopping and setting up of your own high quality sound system.

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High-End Custom-Built Amplifiers for Audiophiles – New Sites

Posted on Jan 02 2006 | Category: New Sites
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New Audio Site Listings:
Hi-Fi Gear – Amplifiers | Hi-Fi Gear – Manufacturers

ENR Show: Custom audio preamps and power amps, fabricated to meet your specific system requirements. You choose the inputs, outputs, gain stages and options. Pure Class-A, phase-optimized designs.

AudioFreak Amplifiers: Handbuilt audiophile amps, offering normally unaffordable high fidelity without the typical high cost of such equipment. Mandibass amp replicates amazing subsonic bass.

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