Sonos Wireless Multi-Room Music System – New Sites

Posted on Jan 28 2006 | Category: New Sites
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New Audio Site Listings:
Whole-House Audio | Home Theater

Absolute Sonos: Whole-house audio. The Sonos wireless multi-room music system sends all of your music throughout hour home. Affordable networks of dedicated multimedia controllers, zone players and speakers.

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Web Site Design for Musicians, Audio Site of the Day

Posted on Jan 25 2006 | Category: Site of the Day
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Quanta Web Design for Musicians and Artists: Get a professional new website to promote your band, announce gigs, news and MP3s, build your fan base. Get hip, fresh new design, at a price an indie musician can afford.

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Most indie musicians build their own web sites, or get a page at MySpace or similar community sites. And it shows. Most self-built artist sites are a an embarrassment, and they do nothing to enhance the image of the band, or to entice site visitors into checking out the music. Quanta looks like a great place to turn, if you take your music and public image seriously. A basic site package for musicians is quoted at $400, and they obviously do good work.

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Musicgrams, Audio Site of the Day

Posted on Jan 24 2006 | Category: Site of the Day
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Musicgrams: Free music promotion service and music community for fans and artists. Discover new bands and artists. Upload and download MP3’s, send musicgrams with your own music, photo and message.

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This brand new site aims to tap into the “tell a friend” and social networking trends. Artists and musicians can upload their independent music as MP3 files, along with photos and artwork. Music fans can browse the music, listen to the latest uploads, or the most-often downloaded tunes. And when you find something you like, you can send an audio postcard via e-mail, to any number of recipients, with the selected MP3 file linked and ready to play. Definitely a useful service for indie artists, although the browsing interface is kind of clunky for music fans trying to find something fresh.

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